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Terms and conditions

Come and join our competition! All you have to do is Sign up !

For every game, video or animation started, you can gain 1 point.
For every guest, that you will invite here, you gain 3 point. Moreover, you gain 15 pointsif he signs up. And even more - if he is going to be active and will take part in our competition, you gain 5 percent from all points he gaines.

So what are you still waiting for? Sign up and play with us !

You can help our server become more popular - maxo-games.com.


Terms and conditions
Global terms and conditions of contests hosted by maxo-games.com server

Contest's rules

How to gain points

Point reward Action
0.5p. For every game, video or animation started. Every game is counted once per 48 hours. The time delay between starting games must be at least 2 minutes, or the points will not be counted.
3p. For every guest that is going to visit this site through your link, will play at least 1 game and see at least 2 pages at www.maxo-games.com You can generate your link in your main menu after logging in.
15p. For every guest that signs up and will activate his account through your link.
5% p. From all poinst of users that signed up through your link.
0.2p. For comment and submission to the forum.

When and under what conditions I can pick up my prize?
You can choose any prize whenever you want.

If I have more points, can I choose more prizes?
You can choose as many prizes as you have points to pay for them.

What prizes I can choose?
Prizes can be added or reduced. There is a table of actual prizes below. You can see illustration photos here.

Prize Description Points
Skútr Skútr (50ccm) v barvách maxo.cz s emblémy a logy. 5 000 000
Počítač Počítač nejen pro náročné hráče, ale i pro domácí a kancelářské práce. 1 750 000
Notebook Výborný přítel na cesty a rychlou práci. Lehký notebook, který si můžete odnést kamkoliv se vám jen zlíbí. 1 250 000
Kamera Kamera s barevným LCD displejem a s HD snímáním, na cesty a dobrodružství. 800 000
iPhone Vymakaný a mobilní telefon iPhon, pochlubte se svým kamarádům. 600 000
Monitor Velký 22 palcový monitor pro náročné hráče. 370 000
iPod MP3 přehrávač iPod NANO o kapacitě 4GB pro vaše písničky na cestách. 250 000
Set klávesnice a myši Set klávesnice a myši, kde ergonomie a pohodlí je ta nejvyšší priorita. 215 000
Myš Ergonomická a pohodlná myš pro dlouhé chvíle strávené u počítače. 125 000
Volant Lahůdka pro pařany - volant, pedály a joystick v jednom. 110 000
Reproduktory Soustava reproduktorů 5.1, pro požitek z hraní i hudby. 90 000
iPod MP3 přehrávač iPod Shuffle o kapacitě 1GB pro vaše písničky na cestách. 60 000
Sluchátka Kvalitní sluchátka KOSS, pro nejlepší zážitek z vašich písniček. 45 000
USB Flash USB Flash pamět o kapacitě 4GB, na přenášení vašich dat. 18 000
Myš Jednoduchá optická myš na kancelářskou práci. 15 500
USB Flash USB Flash pamět o kapacitě 2GB, na přenášení vašich dat. 13 500
Všechny fotografie cen jsou pouze ilustrativní a skutečná cena se může od té na fotografii lišit!

Strictly charged violation of rules.
If you violate any of these or any other rules at www.maxo-games.com you risk deleting all your points that you gained. There are many illegal ways you could want to gain points, so for sure we won't be able to name them all, but be sure every single point is counted carefully if you gained it legally. Here are few rules violation that will be punished:

  1. Creating another registration just for point gaining or urging somebody to do that.
  2. Spamming with your link (if we get announcment from any server that it is being spammed, and we will see it as true, you'll be punish)
  3. Exploiting bugs for gaining points
  4. Using systems like autosurf, popup systems etc. - You won't gain any points and more, you damage our site that way.


Global rules of contests hosted by maxo-games.com server

Contest's enunciator
The enunciator and host of contest is server www.maxo-games.com, that is also responsible for contest's running.

Contest's timing
The contest has no time limits (if not specified otherwise).

Participation in contest
To be able to participate in contest is completed registration and agreeing to Terms and Conditions. Contest is not limited by age, everybody can take part!

Prize handover
The prize will be sent by post at the address listed in your profile. The winner will be also asked to confirm his participation at latest to 4th day before the contest's ending. If the winner won't confirm his/her participation to next 3 days, his/her points will be forwarded to his winning account (see also "Contest's rules").

Restricted rights of contest's enunciator
Host and enunciator of contest, server www.maxo-games.com (further only as "host"), is restricting right to pause or stop the contest at any time without stating any reason.
Host is restricting right to eliminate or delete points of user, if he/she is suspected of cheating. Even without informing that user.
Host is restricting right to change prizes or points needed for particular prizes at any time without stating any reason, but will inform all users before this step.



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