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Forklift Kid - Logical online games

Forklift K...

Get out from a confounded labyrinth, full of problems that you ha...

Game detail - Forklift Kid - Logical online gamesGame detail Play online game - Forklift Kid - Logical online gamesPlay online game
Buccaneer - Fighting online games


You are on a quiet sail, then suddenly a pirate ship appears! The...

Game detail - Buccaneer - Fighting online gamesGame detail Play online game - Buccaneer - Fighting online gamesPlay online game

Shooting online games

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Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow - Action online games

You play as a sexy secret woman agent. You have to complete various tasks, but you should keep your identity ...

74% Play game Game detail

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead - Brutal online games (18+)

You and few other men were sent on a secret mission to defeat monsters that want to conquer whole world and ...

75% Play game Game detail

Zombie typocalypse

Zombie typocalypse - Action online games

You are attacked by many zombies, and your only goal is to survive. You have a pistol, but you dont use it in ...

46% Play game Game detail

Peter Paranormal

Peter Paranormal - Shooting online games

Fairy characters go to the Earth! Your task is to catch them all with your laser. Ghosts are fast and you ...

80% Play game Game detail

Killer affairs

Killer affairs - Shooting online games

You are a neurotic maniac that made many enemies during his life. Now they all want to kill you! Try to fight ...

65% Play game Game detail

Naval Fighter

Naval Fighter - Shooting online games

You can try a air-fighter pilot role in this game. Your goal will be to destroy as many targets as possible, ...

74% Play game Game detail

Foxy Sniper

Foxy Sniper - Shooting online games

Take the place of a sexy police sniper and try to eliminate all terrorists, killers, and other suspects with ...

60% Play game Game detail

Zombie hole

Zombie hole - Brutal online games (18+)

Many years ago, there was a cave full of zombies that was closed. After many years it was opened once again ...

66% Play game Game detail

Skies of War

Skies of War - Shooting online games

Become soldier of a army thats fighting for years against enemies that occupy their territory. Your leader ...

84% Play game Game detail

Mad Mech

Mad Mech - Shooting online games

You created a robot that got absolutely out of control. It became an merciless killer, that is destroying ...

65% Play game Game detail

The Shoot Out

The Shoot Out - Shooting online games

This game has just 2 missions - in the first you are a sniper and you have to shoot 45 enemies - and its not ...

46% Play game Game detail

Forces 3

Forces 3 - Shooting online games

A reflex-training game. Play as a young woman police officer, that has to infiltrate into a factory ...

73% Play game Game detail

Arny Battle

Arny Battle - Fighting online games

Kill as many opponents as you can. Simple :)

70% Play game Game detail

Epic War

Epic War - Shooting online games

Defend your castle against raiders in this game. You can use hobbits, dragons, but also angels or militia. ...

76% Play game Game detail
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Shooting games at maxo-games.com

Do you want to freak out a little bit and shoot everything? Then our shooting games are just for you. In shooting games you of course always have some gun or weapon. There is lot of shooting in shooting games which is clear, and you can find lots of action and battle in shooting games.


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