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Forklift Kid - Logical online games

Forklift K...

Get out from a confounded labyrinth, full of problems that you ha...

Game detail - Forklift Kid - Logical online gamesGame detail Play online game - Forklift Kid - Logical online gamesPlay online game
Buccaneer - Fighting online games


You are on a quiet sail, then suddenly a pirate ship appears! The...

Game detail - Buccaneer - Fighting online gamesGame detail Play online game - Buccaneer - Fighting online gamesPlay online game

Brutal online games (18+)

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Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead - Brutal online games (18+)

You and few other men were sent on a secret mission to defeat monsters that want to conquer whole world and ...

75% Play game Game detail

Zombie hole

Zombie hole - Brutal online games (18+)

Many years ago, there was a cave full of zombies that was closed. After many years it was opened once again ...

66% Play game Game detail

Skydiver mach 2

Skydiver mach 2 - Brutal online games (18+)

The point of this game is to gain as many points as possible, while avoiding seagulls, planes and copters, ...

73% Play game Game detail

Enjoy the flight

Enjoy the flight - Perceptual online games

Son wants his dad to drive him to school, but dad has a little different opinion about it. Kick the son as ...

76% Play game Game detail

Fire in the Hole 2

Fire in the Hole 2 - Shooting online games

As a last marine you have to go into dangerous area, full of dangerous enemies. The game is really well ...

76% Play game Game detail

The Last Stand 2

The Last Stand 2 - Shooting online games

Its the end!! Save your life!... this is the beginning of this very interesting game, where you'll have to ...

80% Play game Game detail

Rambo - The fight continues

Rambo - The fight continues - Shooting online games

A Rambo game, you have to defeat many enemies with just one machinegun. Its just on you how far you get and ...

63% Play game Game detail


Hostel - Brutal online games (18+)

First part of Hostel game, made by the movie with the same name. The game is pretty scary - you have to run ...

66% Play game Game detail

Joes Farm

Joes Farm - Shooting online games

You failed as a scientist and now you have to deal with your unsuccessful experiments - kill all the sheeps ...

65% Play game Game detail

Hostel 2 - The Killing Floor

Hostel 2 - The Killing Floor - Brutal online games (18+)

A game made of the movie Hostel. The game is really well made in a scary style. Scary sounds and screams are ...

72% Play game Game detail


Letum - Brutal online games (18+)

You are surrounded with few hundreds of zombies. Of course you have weapons for your disposal, but its not ...

73% Play game Game detail

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 - Brutal online games (18+)

As a cute cat you must fight your enemies - mice. But not the normal ones. These ones have weapons and are ...

64% Play game Game detail

FishTruck - Extreme Fish Transporta...

FishTruck - Extreme Fish Transportation - Fighting online games

You got an important task - you have to transport as many fish to the finish as possible, without letting ...

62% Play game Game detail

Pillage The Village

Pillage The Village - Brutal online games (18+)

Destroy your village, throw their inhabbitants into the air and make money this way. The higher level is the ...

82% Play game Game detail
Previous online games 1 2

Brutal games at maxo-games.com

Brutal games are mostly battle games, where you can see gallons of blood. Brutal games cathegory is not suitable for children under 18 years. Brutal games are also not suitable for too sensible people.


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